I am a recent graduate and just within 2-3 weeks Cassidy Jones have helped me secure my desired job with an amazing salary. Carolyn had done an excellent job with interview prep etc, if it wasn't for her I would say I wouldn't have secured his position! I would definitely recommend Cassidy Jones recruitment agency and definitely get in touch with Carolyn as she is so good at what she does.


Both Carolyn and Sophia have been an absolute pleasure to deal with, throughout the recruitment process and I commend them for placing me in my ideal role. There is real care and rigour shown, with regards to interview technique and answering employer specific questions; which is in stark contrast to other agencies that I have dealt with, who simply pass on CVs to prospective employers.

Having said that, I would not hesitate in recommending Cassidy Crane, to anyone looking for their next job role.


Carolyn was friendly, professional and knew that I would be a great fit for the role. I interviewed friday, 2nd interview the following tuesday and started my new role 2 days later. Just goes to show you that Carolyn really understands what both her clients and candidates are looking for. So pleased, Thanks.


I have been searching for jobs for months with no luck, along came Cassidy Crane and BOOM!.. I now have a new job all thanks to Carolyn and the team at Cassidy Crane Recruitment. The whole process lasted for about a week and a half and I am so thankful for all the support i got from them specially Carolyn for helping me prepare for the interview and finding me a job i am passionate about. Thank you! thank you! thank you!


Carolyn and the team have been amazing! I start my new dream job on Monday! Thank you so much for all your hard work and support!


I had been out of work for nearly five years, caring for my mother and then grandmother who both passed away and I was finding it very hard to get back into work. The big high street recruitment agencies as good as dismissed me as I had a gap in my CV, but Carolyn at Cassidy Crane Recruitment has been fantastic throughout the process. She was very up front with me, got me an interview very promptly for a job that a big high street agency said I had been turned down for. As a result, I have my first job in nearly five years after a very hard time in my life. Carolyn at Cassidy Crane genuinely does care about her candidates and if I am looking for work again in the future she will be my first call and I would 100% recommend Cassidy Crane Recruitment to anybody looking for work.


Carolyn was fantastic to deal with and I would highly recommend her and her company to anyone in need of recruitment services. I loved the fact she kept me informed on the process without me having to chase her which is often the case and can add to what can often be a stressful time "job hunting". I also felt very supported throughout the process and am so happy with the role I have now secured.


Amazon help from Carolyn and I have just got news of getting the job I wanted so much. Really lovely lady and very quick to contact and speak to via email or telephone.

Good luck to everyone that is looking for jobs, this company will really help you!


It was an absolute pleasure to work with Carolyn and I cannot recommend Cassidy Crane recruitment highly enough! Job hunting can be incredibly stressful but Carolyn was supportive, kind and intuitive throughout. The best experience I have had with a recruitment agency so far!


Carolyn at Cassidy Crane Recruitment provided me with an incredible service that was second to none. Carolyn reviewed my CV carefully, finding a position which matched my skills set perfectly. She kept me updated with feedback and was very encouraging. Carolyn ensured I was prepared for my interviews with lots of info on the company and interview techniques. Carolyn's hard work ensured that the process was easy and stress free. Many thanks Gemma


I would recommend Cassidy Crane Recruitment Ltd as I had a fabulous experience and very easy and straight forward communication. That scored me great result by getting hired in a perfect role for me in customer service department. I honestly had the best interview in my life as the preparation was to a 10 star rating. Very friendly, cheerfull and professional recruitment process. Many thanks to Cassidy herself!


I would recommend Cassidy Crane Recruitment to any graduates who find themselves unemployed after university, they opened my eyes to a few roles I might not have thought of. In addition to this they were very helpful with organising interviews and giving me any information that would help to get a picture of the role and the company I was applying for. This additional help lead to a great job offer and have been helpful in completing any post application information.


Just want to say a big thank you to Carolyn, I'd been applying for jobs for the past 2 months with almost no response, I was desperate to change career - I then got a call from Carolyn, put forward for a position with a fantastic company, couple of days later attended the interview, the next day got the call, success! Start date in a couple of weeks, than you Caroyln Cassidy Crane Recruitment! Definitely recommending you! 5 star service.


I would really recommend cassidy crane recruitment to anyone. Very friendly and easy to talk. They gave me all the information and guide that i need for the interview which helped me a lot in order to be relaxed in the interview. They were also able to get me three interviews within the short period with the company as i had holiday booked. I don't think i would have been able to get this job without Carolyn.


Cassidy Crane is just a lot more than a recruitment agency! I want to say thank you to the team and Carolyn who somewhat became my own personal therapist during my time with her. Cassidy Crane is who you need behind you to get back into employment. I have never seen such dedication and passion to people which is absolutely amazing (slightly hoping that I can take Carolyn to become my new manager) but five start rating doesn't do them any justice ❤️ Thank you for everything Carolyn, your an amazing woman !!


Carolyn and the team have been amazing! I start my new dream job on Monday! Thank you so much for all your hard work and support!


A very efficient, professional, fantastic and friendly recruitment company. Carolyn and her staff are always there to answer any queries and help you in every way. Cassidy Crane Recruitment Ltd are very good at looking at which job best suits you and your experience, they really deserve more than 5 starts. Thank you very much for everything!!


A very professional, thorough, friendly and supportive agency. Provided an excellent service in assisting me finding the absolute perfect job- especially Carolyn. Can't wait to start my new job and adult career in a few weeks time! I couldn't recommend Cassidy Crane highly enough- Thanks for everything!


Having worked as a Recruitment Consultant myself before, I can honestly say Cassidy Crane recruitment (in particular Carolyn), made me feel exactly how I hoped my own candidates would feel: updated at all times, reassured, and absolutely happy with the service.

Carolyn is quick. She knows what she wants and knows her clients very well. This means that she is also able to match you to the right role and will never put you forward if she does not truly believe you are ready/ fit for the position.

I was not sure if I was ready for a position she contacted me about, however she is so confident in what she does that she told me I was 'so right for the role'. I trusted her, went for the interview and will now be starting my new role within banking in a couple of weeks seeing as an offer was made and I accepted! All within a week and a half.

It is by far the best experience (and fastest) I have had with a Recruitment firm (that is a big statement for someone who has a lot of connections within the recruitment industry!)

Thank you for all your support Carolyn!



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